Works of art monitoring systems

Works of art are, for many, both the most beautiful expression of the human soul and important investment objects, given the important economic revaluation to which some artistic works are subject to as the time goes by.


In both cases, the security and protection of works of art from possible theft are essential for its owner.


For any work of art, be it a painting, a sculpture, an archaeological remains, an antique object... the risk of subtraction is high.


Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, annually records data on theft of works of art: every year, according to reports, art crimes worth between 4 and 6 billion dollars are carried out around the world.


Thanks to the multiannual experience of our specialized staff in the monitoring field, we are able to provide the best technological systems to avoid the risk of theft and robbery of the artistic assets in the possession of our customers.


Verona Security Group provides a professional monitoring service through energy saving GPS systems which are activated at the slightest movement of the monitored object, thanks to various built-in sensors.


If there is any movement, even imperceptible, it is perceived by the sensors which trigger the activation of the alarm, that sends an alert signal to the positioning satellites.


The satellite systems supply service includes a complete assistance service by the Verona Security Group staff. The security company will take care not only of installing the monitoring devices, but also of checking their proper functioning over time.

Richiesta assistenza tecnica

conditions of technical assistance and warranty


The warranty conditions below are valid only for the material we sell on the Italian territory.

VERONA SECURITY GROUP - W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD . guarantees its products according to the regulations in force. The warranty, which includes free repair or replacement of defective goods, has the following duration from the date shown on the purchase document:

Risco anti-theft material: 5 years;
Fire protection material: 2 years;
Videocontrol material: 2 years;

VERONA SECURITY GROUP - WITS AGENCY LTD. guarantees only the components of the system but not the system itself, for which the installer is solely responsible, who must take care to make it "state of the art".
VERONA SECURITY GROUP - W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD declines all responsibility for damage to persons or things caused by bad installation and / or bad maintenance.


Assistance on site of the plant **

Product under warranty (receipt or purchase invoice required): - 50 € (+ VAT) fixed call fee up to 25 km away.

Product out of warranty:
- Fixed call fee applied from the Authorized Technical Assistance Center VERONA SECURITY GROUP
- WITS AGENCY LTD, relating to the region of belonging.
- Hourly rate applied by the TAC (time present at the site of the plant) plus the cost of any material used / replaced. The C.A.T. is required to communicate the intervention rates in advance.

Programming of new and functioning systems:
- To be agreed with the C.A.T. based on the type of system. The programming of the systems must be carried out with the presence of the installer. Assistance at VERONA SECURITY GROUP laboratories
- W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD The material in or out of warranty must be sent to the VERONA SECURITY GROUP laboratories
- W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD or the VERONA SECURITY GROUP authorized Technical Assistance Center
- W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD nearest free port, if sent by courier, and will be returned freight collect, if sent by courier. The defective appliance must be sent to the service center accompanied by the product repair request form correctly filled in all the required parts (the form can be downloaded from the website The absence of the product repair request form will result in the return of the material being accepted.

Product under guarantee:
- No charge.

Product not under guarantee:
- € 30 / hour (+ VAT) hourly rate plus cost of any material used / replaced. VERONA SECURITY GROUP WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS
- W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD does not recognize the warranty on its products if:
The material supplied by W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD was not installed in a "workmanlike" manner;
The W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD has been damaged for any cause or for atmospheric phenomena;
The W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD was assembled on a mixed system with products from other suppliers;
The connection cables of the W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD have been cut or modified;
W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD have been opened, modified or repaired by unauthorized centers;

The existence of single defective units does not entail the termination of the sales contract.


If the repair is out of warranty, the repaired / replaced material has a minimum warranty of six months, from the date shown on the repair data sheet issued by the WITS service centers AGENCY LTD or W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD; alternatively, the original warranty of the product remains valid, to which the period between the date of purchase of the product and the date shown on the technical repair sheet issued by the W.I.T.S. service centers is subtracted. AGENCY LTD or W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD.


It would be advisable for the installer of the system to be present at the site of the plant; in the particular case of a fire-fighting system, the presence of the installer / maintenance technician of the system is mandatory as he is responsible for the system itself
. The authorized W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD will only carry out interventions on the product as defined below:
Maintenance of the W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD;
Software update;
Replacement and / or repair of product components;
Replacement and / or repair of the product.
< br>
Programming of new and functioning systems WITS authorized technical assistance centers AGENCY LTD are not required, in the name of W.I.T.S. AGENCY LTD, to carry out interventions on the system as defined below:
Replacement and passage of cables;
Wiring and control connections;
Moving the system components within it;
Network configurations of CCTV devices, routers, smartphones, etc.

On request, for interventions on the system, in relation to the points listed above, the rates will be agreed directly between the customer and assistance technicians.

** Manufacturers are not required to carry out interventions on site but WITS AGENCY LTD performs the service to make the work of the installer and the end user easier.


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