Discretion and reliability are our main prerogatives. Since 1984 Verona Security Group ensures maximum confidentiality of investigations and total protection and preservation of the results, both in private and corporate fields.


We deal with international investigations, providing linguistic, logistics and regulations assistance, collaborating with local tourism managers in Italy and Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, Africa and Arab countries, North / Central / South America, Asia and South East Asia.


  • Our services, which are certified and safe, include:
    Corporate counter-intelligence;
    Control of employees, collaborators, partners and associates;
    Private investigations aimed at the family sphere;
    Wealth investigations;
    Search for untraceable people;
    Electronic and IT remediation;
    Electronic tracking systems;
    Technologies for forensic analysis and investigation;
    Security guard service, supervision coordination and trust services.

We operate in full compliance with the laws in force in the civil, criminal and privacy fields.


As an investigation and security company our main goal is to find evidence that can be produced in court or out of court with the value of testimonial evidence; therefore, the client will be provided with a detailed investigation dossier which can be accompanied, where necessary, by digital media, such as pictures and videos, documentary evidence and other useful elements. Private and defensive investigations are valid in the criminal and civil field.


We at Verona Security group are contact persons for Nordinvestigazioni: we have been issued the license by the Prefecture of Mantua n. 1870 of 08/28/2001.


The success in this field, especially with regard to espionage and investigation services, is undoubtedly attributable to the use of the right technologies.


The attention that Verona Security Group dedicates to the research and development sections entails an important technological advantage, which allows, in turn, not only to increase the speed and discretion in carrying out operations, but also to shorten the times, and consequently the costs, of research and investigations.

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