It is called “fire detection system” “…the series of components of fire alarm systems capable of detecting and signaling the presence of a fire inside a building or other infrastructures”.


A device for the detection of fumes and fires is usually composed of electronic devices, which are capable of detecting the presence of fumes, gases, flames, variations in heat or a fire principle (based on the physical phenomena connected to the development of fire in the room).


The most modern detection systems include the following devices:

  • smoke detection (point or linear);
    heat detection;
    gas detection;
    flame detection with UV / IR sensors;
    heat-sensitive cable detectors;
    spark detectors;
    air sampling detectors;
    special detection systems.


A fire detection system, in order to be efficient, must receive an alarm from the control panel, which in turn must be correctly programmed to activate the verification action as soon as possible.


The detection of a fire principle, or of the phenomena that can trigger it, must be followed by a series of reports addressed to the organization or personnel assigned to the intervention operations. Without these warnings you risk an unnecessary waste of resources.


The Verona Security Group staff provides: advice, when choosing the right fire-fighting system for the specific case; periodic maintenance, in order to safeguard the safety and activity of the service.



The security and investigation company provides a personalized service based on the client’s needs. The fire-fighting systems are built with the purpose of satisfying the specific needs of the customer who is requiring the service.


Verona Security Group performs periodic maintenance services on any type of systems, including those of other suppliers, for fire detection, smoke, gas and others.


The national standard UNI 11224: 2019 describes the correct procedures for the initial check, surveillance, periodic check, maintenance and general verification of fire detection systems.


Thanks to the maintenance operations of the detection fire systems, Verona Security Group guarantees effective and prompt intervention in the event of a fire or gas leak, avoiding irreversible damage. In specific cases, maintenance is also carried out according to international standards (NFPA, FM).


The maintenance technician will draw up, following each visit, a detailed report of the intervention and will update the maintenance tag.

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