Facility management

Facility management, according to an integrated approach, completes the principles of economic and financial management of the company, the behavioral and engineering sciences. This particular approach considers the development and implementation of policies, standards and processes to support primary activities, encouraging the organization to adapt to changes and developments.



Facility management includes infrastructures, works, equipment, services used for the primary processes of an organization (for instance, a building installed or created for supporting the corporate’s core business).


The main aim of this activity is the coordination between the physical work space, human resources and the real activity of the company.



Verona Security Group offers to go beyond the simple distribution of the services in order to achieve a complete and functional collaboration: our primary interest is to support our customers business’s goal.


Taking care of the Brand reputation and the Brand image is necessary for the company: appearance and presentation are important details; in fact, they represent the business card of every company.

Employees are the heart and soul of the company, but first of all they are the first and most important clients: by guaranteeing a healthy, clean and functional environment, will bring a greater stimulus and more serenity.


The tidiness and cleanliness of meeting rooms, buildings, and more generally of all company spaces, help to increase the image of professionalism and attention that all companies, regardless of their field, want and must convey to customers, employees, collaborators and suppliers.


Therefore, those involved in a qualified and competent way in facility management make the direct impact on image, corporate reputation and financial results possible and functional.


  • The main facility management services offered by Verona Security Group are:
    Cleaning and environmental hygiene services;
    Other integrated services as reception, concierge, security guard service, office assistance, stewards, small maintenance;
    Special services as sanitization and disinfection, data center cleaning, photovoltaic system cleaning.

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