Corporate Security

The Consolidated Act of the Legislative Decree no. 81 of 09/04/2008 which incorporates, repeals and modifies the various disciplines created to regulate safety in the workplace, and establishes the obligation of companies to protect the health of workers, through the maintenance of specific safety standards in places and in the times of work activities.


The employer is therefore identified, according to the regulatory framework, as the only person responsible for safety within the company.


Furthermore, there are many things that make entrepreneurs' nights long and difficult, but it is clear that one of the most urgent is the safety of the company.


Preserve and protect your company with advanced and cutting-edge security solutions. Verona Security Group, thanks to the preparation of its team of professionals, is able to support the employer in matters of safety and health, assisting the company in full compliance with the requirements of the law.

The professional protection systems that the security company Verona Security Group provides are tailored to every single and individual reality and guarantee a lasting result over time.

  • The services include:
    Video surveillance and protection systems;
    Electronic and IT remediation;
    Satellite defense and GPS control;
    Optimization and protection of telecommunications;
    Centralization of security systems;
    Security guard service, supervision coordination and trust services;
    GDPR practices management and video surveillance with the labor inspectorate;
    IT security management with vulnerability verification.

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