Never before have break-ins inside private homes and work activities been so prosperous, therefore domestic intimacy and hard work are damaged, accompanied by arising fear and uncertainty.


At Verona Security Group we design and install anti-theft systems, using of course the latest security technologies; moreover, we create functional and customized systems for every need, which is possible thanks to years of experience in the field.


We defend the peace of mind of our customers by creating specific and customized security systems, evaluating the different environmental elements and respecting the specific needs and requirements of the individual client.


Flexibility of installation and adaptability of use are the prerogatives and fundamental characteristics of our products. The excellent ratio between price and performance completes each proposed solution.


The knowledge of the field has led us to choose Risco Group, a leading company on the global security market, as a partner reality.


LightSYS2 and PROSYS PLUS are the only hybrid systems that can be managed by Web and smartphones apps via RISCO Cloud. They offer maximum communication flexibility: the IP, GSM / GPRS modules and the fast modem can be plugged directly onto the main circuit board and the PSTN module is integrated.


Verona Security Group guarantees, in addition to personalized services, after-sales assistance 24 hours a day. We accompany customers from the choice of the alarm system to the explanation on how to utilize the new device, in order to make the mechanism an easy and everyday object to use.

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