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Why do you need wearable GPS devices?

December 2021

We at Verona Security Group can offer you a wide range of cutting-edge technological devices and today we will begin to describe some of them: wearable GPS devices.

In particular we are talking about the TELTONIKA TMT250, which can be worn in the belt, and the GH5200, which can be used to incorporate your own badge. Both devices are small, effective and easy to use.


But what are the purposes of these devices?


They are designed to protect workers who generally work alone and are most at risk, such as health visitors, maintenance workers, but can be used by anyone, for pets, to monitor cars or during sporting events to check staff. In fact, through a dedicated application, it is always possible to know the exact position of the person or persons wearing the device.

There is also an emergency button which, if pressed, immediately sends a request for help to those who supervise the movements of the GPS through the dedicated application. Not only that, if the person who is wearing the device doesn’t feel well and therefore, for example, falls on the ground, remaining there for a few seconds, the device is able to send a "man down" alert through a push notification, Whatsapp and SMS on the mobile phone of those that have the application.

As for the technical characteristics, the TELTONIKA has GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity, its waterproof case guarantees its use even outdoors in difficult conditions, the battery has a large capacity and a long life. The GH5200 always has GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity and is also capable of offering high quality voice communications, programmable LED indications and a 1050mAh battery.

Finally, GPS devices can also be associated with Bluetooth tags, which can be positioned, for example, in a warehouse, inside a truck or trailer. Consequently, if the person wearing the GPS enters the warehouse where the Bluetooth Tag is located, the two devices will connect precisely via the Bluetooth connection and thus it will be possible to verify the exact path of the person within that given warehouse. Let's also take another example: if the person wearing the GPS device is driving a car with a trailer, and the Bluetooth Tag has been placed in the trailer, the two devices will be connected. If for some reason the trailer is detached, the two devices will disconnect, and that could be a potential indicator for those monitoring that something is wrong.

Obviously, authorization for the use of these devices was also requested from the Labor Inspectorate and they were included in the DVR thanks to our pilot project.

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