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Why and how do we help women who are victims of violence.

November 2021

Why do we help women who are victims of violence?

Before understanding why we want to help women victims of violence and why it is necessary to do so, we need to understand what are the reasons behind the actions of possible aggressors and what circumstances could make women becomes victims of violence.

There are different types of violence that can be carried out against women: it can be domestic violence perpetrated by the partner, sexual violence perpetrated by the partner or known and unknown aggressors, verbal violence, gender violence and stalking. Women are much more subject to these types of violence than men because, socially speaking, they have always been considered inferior, physically and mentally more vulnerable. Not only that, society itself tends to blame women when they suffer violence, due to ancient and patriarchal concepts according to which the woman must dress in a certain decent way, maintain a certain behavior, otherwise it is almost justifiable that she undergoes certain actions and violence, especially those perpetrated by men. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons why most of the times the violence suffered in particular by women is not reported immediately, as they tend to blame themselves and feel ashamed as if they were the cause of what happened to them. In fact, it is essential to understand that the way of dressing and behaving of any person does not determine the way of acting of the other, on the contrary, the aggressor and its actions are the only issue. 

Another important aspect to consider is that in many cases women victims of violence find themselves in manipulative contexts, for example in the case of domestic violence by the partner, due to which it is difficult to ask for help or even be aware of what is happening to them, thus precluding the possibility of asking for help.

Therefore, it is essential to increase women's awareness of what could happen to them and how they can react by providing all the necessary information and technologies in order to be able to give them the justice and respect they deserve.


How do we help women who are victims of violence?

Our aim is to help women victims of violence in a simple and spontaneous way, proposing solutions that are suitable for everyone, that are not preordained, but instead derive from the dialogue and analysis of each individual case in order to have a complete vision of the possible case studies, allowing us to design what is more suitable for everyone’s need.

Consequently, we have devised a simple protocol through the use of pre-existing systems and technologies: an intelligent self-defense alarm device and a video guide on its use will be provided. Specifically, the device is first connected to one's mobile phone via Bluetooth, then emergency contacts are entered, which could also be those of the people involved in this pilot project. In case of danger and / or need, the victim will activate the device by pulling a chain. The device will then emit a very annoying audible alarm to deter and ward off the attacker, meanwhile, thanks to the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, it will send the victim's exact position and audio recording of what is happening to the emergency contacts previously set.

After ten years of experience in the sector we have found that this system works when and if people want to be helped, by making them feel less alone and supported by a strong structure of people who can help them. It is vital to understand that it is necessary in order to strengthen the position of the victim against their aggressor since the mental reinforcement of the victim makes the aggressor go away as the latter acts by exploiting the fears of the other.

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