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What is the VPN connection - Virtual Private Network

December 2021


Among all our services, we at Verona Security Group also offer the installation and management of VPN connections. They are private networks that can guarantee privacy, anonymity and above all the security of communication and information. This is possible because a reserved communication channel, namely the VPN tunnel, is created above a public network infrastructure. Not only that, this type of network can be built differently according to every specific needs.

We recommend its use in business or public administrations to reduce costs, as the Internet is used as a remote connection infrastructure for VPNs, for better communication, as remote users can connect securely to corporate network resources and for reliability.

The VPN can also be used privately to have privacy and anonymity, to be able to access services and websites without restrictions and for better protection from cyber threats.


How a VPN works specifically.


The VPN is a private and virtual network, accessible only to authorized users who, as mentioned above, use the public network infrastructure, the Internet, as it is an economically advantageous and certainly widespread network, but which at the same time it can become very unsafe for its users. For this reason, different measures are taken in order to protect the browsing: these are tunneling, authentication and encryption.

Tunneling consists in establishing a secure tunnel between two final remote entities enabled to create a VPN. Obviously, there is no physical tunnel, but instead it is a logical connection through an IP network where a multi-protocol encapsulation of data takes place, allowing you to make your network activities invisible to those who are not authorized (such as cybercriminals or government censorship entities).

Authentication is a necessary process to authorize access, ensure transmission and non-repudiation. To establish a connection between the client and the server it is necessary to go through a series of steps so that the communication between the two entities begins.

Finally, cryptography is a technique that ensures the confidentiality of information by converting readable data into encoded and incomprehensible data for unauthorized persons by using a digital algorithm.

 The VPN is a tool through which you can protect your connection, incoming and outgoing traffic and disguise the IP address from which you access the Internet, bypassing some regional blocks that can be imposed by different websites.


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