Verona Security Group

Our story

Since 1984, Verona Security Group is a company which has been dealing with investigations and security and has been offering all-round services.

For each peculiar reality, Verona Security Group provides over 35 years of experience and the sought-after professionalism of the team, by offering the best solutions and the most innovative products in order to meet the customer’s needs.

Our business’s field offices are based in Italy and in Ireland; but we are able to operate all over the world thanks to our internal network.

Security Broker®

The Security Broker® is a professional with a multiyear and well-established experience in security, investigations, investigative technologies and geolocation systems.

The Security Broker®’s task is to follow and advise every single client in order to take the best decision for their issue which can concern: security and surveillance, or can be related to the resolution of personal, family and business problems.In case the security consultant does not have the skills or requirement suitable for the specific case, professionals and technicians of the field will be called to provide the right help and assistance.

The figure of the Security Broker® deals with the full management of the security and issues of its customers, by taking up the role of single point of contact. Furthermore, it has the possibility of being appointed as data controller.

Security Broker® is a trademark.

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